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Selections have been made for Phase V of the Newport Beach Civic Center Sculpture Exhibition!
The Phase V sculptures are as follows (left to right, down):

Cosmo by Roger Heitzman, Scotts Valley, CA
Fractured Peace by Nancy Mooslin, Los Angeles, CA
I'm Listening by Monica Wyatt, Studio City, CA
The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Patricia Vader, Martinez, CA
Seated Diana by Curt Brill, Tucson, AZ
Link of Humanity by Danette Landry, Napa, CA
Window to the Sea by Andra Broekelschen, Corona del Mar, CA
Marble Shooter by Ron Whitacre, Laguna Beach, CA
Dude Ascending by Joe Forest Sackett, Albuquerque, NM
Individuality by Dominic Panziera & Daniela Garofalo, Truckee, CA

Newport Beach Civic Center Sculpture Exhibition

The Arts Commission of the City of Newport Beach launched an initiative to turn its spectacular, 14-acre Civic Center Park into a "Museum Without Walls", installing works from sculptors around the world in an evolving exhibition that cycles up to ten new works into the park every year. With ArtsOC's assistance managing the process, the works are selected by a jury consisting of Arts Commission Members and outside art experts, with input sought from members of the Newport Beach community via a public poll.

Below are examples of works selected for the exhibition in its first four phases. Phase V artworks will be installed in June 2020 and remain on view until May of 2022:

"Wind Swept", by Lake Daffner

"Burnt Matchstick", by Karl Unnasch

"Sunflower", by Patricia Vader

"Brandi", by Curt Brill

"Getting Your Bearings", by David Boyer

"Slices of Heaven", by Craig Gray

"La Cage aux Folles", by Warren Techetin

"Demoiselle", by LT. Mustardseed